Havensight Mall

This sprawling complex is located east of downtown Charlotte Amalie adjacent to the Havensight Cruise Ship Dock. Home to more than 60 duty free or boutique-style stores, the mall also provides numerous visitor services. Blazing Photos offers quick film developing. You will also find Budget Rent-A-Car, a U.S. Postal Service branch, Havensight Pharmacy, doctors’ and dentists’ offices, branches of First Bank and Scotia banks, Dockside Bookshop, a tourist information kiosk, several restaurants and cafes, and plenty of parking. Credit card usage varies by merchant.

Vendors Plaza

There is a plaza called Vendors Plaza where vendors set up small booths and tables. You can find silver jewelry, t-shirts, tropical print wrap skirts, imitation bags and watches and more. There is also hair braiding, a photo op with a donkey, a coconut-for-sale stand, local food vendors and ice-cream stand. Across the street from Vendors Plaza is a Co-op store that sells locally made crafts and goodies. Vendors Plaza is generally open Monday through Saturday from about 7:30am, when the vendors start setting up, until 5:00pm. On Sundays only a few vendors set up but generally depends on the number of ships in port; more ships usually means more vendors.

Main Street

The greatest density of stores is along the harbor in Charlotte Amalie. The principal street in Charlotte Amalie is Dronningens Gade, better known as Main Street. Parallel to Main Street is Back Street and the Waterfront. In between the three main strips are side streets and alleys filled with dozens and dozens of shops. Alleys such as Royal Dane Mall, Palm Passage and Riise Alley contain many unique shops. The stores in Charlotte Amalie are housed in and among historical buildings; so shopping and sightseeing in one trip is relatively easy.

Mountain Top

Mountain Top, the original home of the banana daiquiri with glorious views, is a ritual must for all visitors to St. Thomas. Mountain Top's shopping mall offers a wide array of merchandise from around the globe. Red Hook At the eastermost point of St. Thomas, lies Red Hook. You'll find a number of small but unique and interesting stores and shops in the neighborhood, along side fishing boats and sailing yachts.